Regular Limo vs. Stretch Limo: Which One Should You Hire?

Regular Limo vs. Stretch Limo: Which One Should You Hire?

For some people, choosing a limo is all about getting a limo and riding it to the event or meeting of their choice. They are not concerned much about the type of limo they are hiring. However, it is good to understand these issues.

It is good to know the diverse options and choices available to you and the advantages you get from whichever type you select. For example, you should be able to make an informed choice between regular and stretch Pleasanton limo. What is the difference between stretch and a regular limo?

First, stretch limos are the more extravagant types. They are ideal for special events where you want you really want to make an impression. Regular limos, on the other hand, are ideal for practical uses. Regular limos are most commonly used in airport transfers.

They are also common on business trips, especially among clients who find themselves in cities with which they are least familiarized. Regular limos carry a few passengers. For their part, stretch limos can comfortably carry 8-10 passengers at a time.

Stretch limos are the ideal choice for:
a) Prom night
b) Weddings
c) Concerts
d) Clubs or night outs
e) Sports and games

Stretch limos come in specific brands, which include:
– Mercedes
– Lincoln
– Cadillac
– Escalade
– Hummer

Therefore, choose what you feel attracted to the most. Stretch limos are fitted with numerous amenities. They are also spacious. For more information on the difference between regular and stretch limos, visit

Fast Technological Advances In The Legal Marijuana Industry

weed delivery

With the development of the legalization of medicinal marijuana, it should come as no surprise that the technological advances within the industry are coming just as fast. Remember the perception that marijuana users are just druggies, lazy, “potheads”, and just waste away their lives? What a difference a few years can make. The perception of the marijuana user is changing. Studies show that marijuana can be used for a myriad of treatments, to help with illnesses.

Despite the changing perceptions, some patients who use medicinal marijuana may want to keep their privacy intact. Now, there are full blown applications that you can use, on your iPhones or Androids, to have your prescription delivered to your store. Who would have imagined such conveniences and advancements a decade ago? Following are just a handful of apps that serve a major purpose for medicinal marijuana users:

1. Meadow:

Download Meadow and start using right away to buy medical marijuana from local dispensaries in California. Not only that, you will receive your delivery within the hour. How cool is that? One San Diego marijuana delivery dispensary that is using Meadow is A Green Alternative and is doing so very successfully. The process is extremely easy and you can easily learn more about it from their website.

2. Uber & WeedMaps:

Put these two giants together and what do you get? Ridiculousness, of course! With Uber being everywhere and WeedMaps being an industry in the industry, this partnership makes too much sense. Local Dispensaries + WeedMaps (where users review local dispensaries) = Convenient For Patients!

3. Green Rush:

Scan your driver’s license and wait to be verified as a customer (which is usually a quick process!) Within half an hour, you should be able to order from local dispensaries. Like Meadow, Green Rush aims to make the whole process extremely easy for medical marijuana users and is very easy to use.

4. Flow Kana:

Flow Kana is a little bit different than the rest of the above mentioned apps. Think about them as the responsibly grown, sustainable, small farmer grown cannabis provider. With delivery options available in Northern California, Flow Kana is a great option if you care about the environment and want to support small farmers.

5. Grassp:

Simply put, from their website, Grassp is “medical cannabis delivered on-demand.” Short, to the point, and quick. Simply go through the digital verification process and have it delivered ASAP. Your data is kept safe behind secure HIPAA compliant servers.

If all of these applications sound confusing, don’t let that be a factor in delaying your decision to download one of these and try them. While all of these apps are design with the user in mind, truthfully, ever user is different and you might really love one or hate one that someone really likes. These apps take the concept of medical marijuana to a whole different level.

The Domination Of Google

Talk about all the cool apps either Google has created or now owns. Google was once synonymous with its search engine; however, today, the company itself is worth a ridiculous amount that would seem unbelievable quoting, so why bother?

In the late 90s, I remember when Google was in its infancy. A lot of the people in the space were excited by what Google could do and as the founders released information on the algorithm behind how websites are ranked in Google, people became extremely excited. Heck, people seemed to be flocking to it daily, while leaving Netscape, Internet Explorer, Ask Jeeves, and so many more in the dust.

Over The Years…

While starting off Google’s algorithm for rankings sites was pretty crude (and still can be manipulated if you have the proper resources), it has come a long way. About three or four years ago, ranking websites was extremely easy. Now? Easy if you know what you are doing. Easy if you have a little bit of patience and you build the right and effective resources. But Google is smart.

Look at how they have dominated with email and Blogger. Look at how they’ve acquired Youtube. Once you go through the, look at all the apps that are available to you. I remember the days of signing up for Blogspot (now Blogger as well) and before I knew, a merger happened.

Blogspot has a ridiculous userbase as well. By that, meaning millions of blogs exist. With easy integration of Youtube videos, Google has made the value of each property extremely valuable and so when you have strong links coming from these properties to your site, it looks extremely good… and can help you rank.

At this point, Yahoo and Yahoo Mail seem extremely irrelevant but that might because I am more involved in the tech space. Yahoo News is still going strong and I understand that people like my mom, more like casual non-tech involved users, love using Yahoo and Bing. My mom still have a Yahoo mail account and close friends know that I hold a Yahoo email account from my teens still dear to me.

You want to understand what a giant Google has become? The right answer is: Google is massive. Google is everywhere. To go from nothing to this? Google has $59.38 billion in the bank, generating $15.42 billion in Quarter 1… and that was in 2014!!!


Wake Up & Take A Gamble!

To get anywhere, you have to predict where technology is going. For example, Microsoft, for so long, dominated with its expensive applications such as MS Excel and MS Word. Hundreds of dollars. I remember buying the “student edition” for cheaper (still expensive as a student!)

But what did Google do?

Google disrupted the whole scene with The Google Doc (short for documents) which included an excel like application and a word/text application. Not only that, they made it available online under your account so you could share your documents with friends or co-workers or whoever you need to. You can share it with others and give them the choice to collaborate or edit as needed.

Be smart. Be like Google. Disrupt the scene!

The Foundation Of SEO

With the boom of SEO industry over the last few years, it can be hard to distinguish and hire professionals who know what they are talking about. As a client, there are certain things you should know yourself about SEO so that when you are ready to hire someone, you can ask these questions and see if the so-called professional has good knowledge.

Does On-Site SEO Still Matter?

Online marketers can waste so much time debating the tedious little factors that, to be honest, should be commonplace practices like on-site SEO. On-site SEO refers to optimization done to the website itself to affect rankings in the search engines.

For instance, meta-tags. Meta tags let the search engines know what the website is about. In recent years, some marketers think this is unnecessary. However, my question is: why not take care of meta tags when it only takes less than 10 minutes (if that) to fill out this information? What is the harm in taking care of this?

Another on-site factor that needs careful consideration is how much content is published. Some companies become lazy and don’t update their websites or will have minimum content. Of course, with some tricks and a budget, such websites can rank but why cut corners? Content is great for visitors when they land on your website. This can make or break conversions! Also, they more content you write, relevant content, the search engines can calculate what your website is about. For example, if your website is about video games and you add one new review a week, Google and Bing will use their algorithm to analyze the data on your site and figure out, “hey, this website is about video games and video game reviews…” (Please realize this is in layman’s terms; algorithms these days are quite sophisticated!)

Also, keep a balance when creating content for your website. Avoid keyword or keyphrase stuffing. This means do not use keywords or keyphrases you are trying to rank for unnecessarily and repetitively. Where it makes sense, go ahead and use them. As an SEO consultant sunshine coast, I preach this day in and day out!

This brings us to the good ol’ “use keywords in h1 tags” rule that a lot of us know about. The idea is to use your keywords in the h1 tags and it should help you rank in Google. However, these days, this is just a given. It only helps to do this. However, again, do this where it makes sense to; do not abuse this or you may be faced with a harsh Google penalty.

the process of seo

These “simple” factors are something most of the SEO community gets wrong or takes for granted. For us, the foundation needs to be cemented before we can build on top of it. How can one expect a strong structure if the base is tainted and not strong enough to carry everything else?

It can be very tedious to do SEO but when done right, the results can be epic. You can expect to rank for multiple keyphrases. You won’t only have visitors to your site but you will also have conversions leading to customers either buying your products or calling you for an appointment.

How Website Localization Is 100% Important Today

Whether you are offering extremely technical services such as web design or search engine optimization to help your client’s business get found on the internet, it is important that you design your own site and rank it properly. Of course, we also recommend gathering some testimonials and reviews for that added, personal “push”.

The first reason having your own site done well and ranked is the obvious: why should a potential client hire you if you can’t demonstrate the same set of skills for your own business? It is one of those catch 22s that can be hard as a business owner because this set of skills can cost money and tools as well as precious time to get things rolling.

translate seo

While you are waiting for SEO to kick in, you can go ahead and create some sweet, clean websites for friends or small business owners in exchange for a 50% discount and a solid review. Imagine doing this for five friends or more and having a collection of testimonials to boast. Even if you can’t show your site ranking for keyphrases, yet, you can always show glowing reviews of what you have accomplished for other folks.

Of course, this is a slick, neat idea. While your goal should be to rank for keyphrases that get quite a few searches per month, you can in much less time, rank for easier keyphrases and probably quite a few of them. In this way, your own website becomes an SEO case study.

Now, if you are offering services all over the globe or even in another country, you may want to consider a company that not only offers localization for international SEO and website design, but much more. How terrible does it look when a website you land on contains broken English or another language? Right! It is not professional and most people will turn away from doing business with that company.

How Steve Jobs Revolutionized One Industry

Now that we are the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it’s hard to believe how far we have come along with these phones. Did you know that the original iPhone, also known as iPhone 1, iPhone 1G, and iPhone 2) came out in January 2007, after years and years of speculations? Hard to believe it was about 8 years ago.


Almost a year later, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G and the original iPhone is now considered to be obsolete. Rightfully so as we are well into the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

As Apple launches have come to be known for, the original iPhone also caused a lot of media attention; customers were lined up outside Apple and AT&T stores to get their hands on the precious device.

It’s funny to think that Steve Jobs imagined a device that would become this popular all over the world. Also extremely hard to process the fact that Jobs has passed away, yet had such a meaningful (and technological) impact… globally. In fact, Jobs remained true to this word when he introduced his world changing, innovative device: “I have been looking forward to this for two and a half years. Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.”

Boy, he knew that, now, didn’t he?

Just like that, the cell phone industry changed. Now, people had access to a mini “laptop” with the phone in their hands. Think about it: the ability to connect to the internet, browse, text message, along with tons of other applications (creating a multi-million dollar application business along the way!), games, and the ability to make video calls or regular calls.

The iPhone became infamous. While Android is loved as well, iPhone supporters are extremely loyal to the brand. Want an iPhone charger or headphones? How about a dock? There are tons of accessories that make the iPhone a lot of fun to use. Heck, some people don’t own tvs nor laptops, so they watch Netflix on their iPhones. iTunes is also on iPhone and almost everyone with one uses it for exercising purposes.

There are some phenomenal video editing and image editing apps as well as the American Sign Language app. How many worlds have been connected due to the creativity of Steve Jobs? Just the vision of man.

The man is so inspiring that Banksy recently created an art piece based on him. Of course, a movie was filmed and released shortly after his death and did well. To learn more about Jobs or Apple, all you need to do is do a simple search on the internet.

Kayaking “Fabric” Technology Allows For Inflatable Options!

Okay, so you obviously know of kayaking but did you know, due to the technology in so-called “fabric”, now you can purchase such a thing as an inflatable kayak? In fact, these have been on the market for YEARS.

While searching for inflatable kayak reviews, I came across some jaw dropping options. For instance, if you’re not an avid kayaker, you can drop around $150 and get a cheap inflatable option; if you’re an avid fisher, you can go for a fishing kayak. Heck, you can go for a tandem kayak or something really tough and durable like the AHTK kayaks!

Sure, you could drop a few hundred or grand on a hard shelled option but what if you live in a tight spot? Do you have storage room? Furthermore, you gotta think about how you’ll transport it for fun times.

If you are a beginner and curious about kayaking, give the inflatable options a shot. Once you’re comfortable, you can always upgrade to a better option.

And no, these babies, due to modern technology, are made with durable materials. Extremely durable fabric. Some are designed to be used in calm waters while others can be used in tougher conditions.

Make sure you spend time reading reviews in details so you can buy the most perfect option. In fact, if you live in an apartment and space is a concern, these inflatable kayaks can be inflated within 10 minutes and deflated the same way. These things are so durable that even after decent scratches, these things can last a long time, meaning they don’t pop and are quite the safe option. In fact, you can check out your options according to how much weight they can take and how much room there is in one of these. In fact, check out this option:

AHTK 1 Airhead Montana Inflatable Kayak

As aesthetically pleasing as some of these look, make sure you review every aspect before purchasing one. Better yet, if a friend has one, test drive it! Or perhaps you’ve heard of the beastly new “folding kayak” called the Oru… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Preparing For Your Computer To Crash & Burn :(

With computers coming in so many options (laptops, CPUs, apple products, tablets, etc!), it can be overwhelming to decide which one you should pick. Also, with tons of affordable (and well, expensive as well) options also come more chances of your computer going haywire.

comp repair help

A computer is constructed of so many parts: CPU, memory, hard drive, fan, motherboard, screen, wireless cards, and much much more. Believe it or not, it’s realistic to expect any of these parts to go any time. The other half of retail business in the tech sector banks from warranty purchases.

However, if your computer is no longer covered, there are a couple of top notch computer repair shops in the Brisbane area. I found some excellent reviews when I searched for computer repairs Brisbane areas. In fact, they were quick to answer my questions on the phone and explained every bit of the process in detail.

While there are quite a few computer repair shops in Brisbane, I was particularly impressed with the service at this one.

You’ve Experienced An Issue; What Do You Do Now?

The best thing you can do is document the issue or bug you’re experiencing. For instance, if in the middle of your work, your computer restarts, document that. If the computer displays an error or a particular screen, take a picture of it.

Depending on the error messages, a computer IT professional will be able to determine what part of the computer is experiencing the error. It could be a specific part like the hard drive itself, perhaps the memory (RAM) or more.

A couple of things to keep in mind before taking your computer or laptop in is that if possible, back up your files to an external hard drive. The last thing you want is to lose important school papers, work, photographs or videos. If you can’t back these files up, please first talk to your IT professional especially your computer repair guy within Brisbane!

Other things you should know are the build of your laptop or computer. If you bought a certain brand and model from the store, have that information ready. If a friend built it, you can always install free software that will spit out the name of each major part of the computer. Laptop or Tablet? Easy! The brand name should be on several spots on the laptop and the model number, if not completely visible, should be imprinted on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop.

Making Sure Your Website Is Easy To Use

When non-web designers think of setting up a site, 99% don’t think about the “ease to use” factor of the site. When visitors land on your website, you want to establish a flow of things. The content and buttons and everything on your site should have a purpose, leading the visitor from one piece to another, like cookie samplers leading to the register.

What you don’t want to happen is for the visitor to see a chaotic, hectic website and back out of it and end up on your visitors site!


Believe it or not, content and aesthetics both play an equal part. The first thing you need to do is consult a professional web development team or like this amazing Chicago website designer. Why? Web developers create websites professionally for a living.

This means they eat, breath, and sleep web development. They are up on various trends, web development languages, and much, much more. They keep up with their profession by reading magazines and publications!

A regular business owner will never have the time to keep up with updates to HTML, CSS, WordPress, Drupal, Photoshop, and other developments. It is ridiculous to think that’s possible to do in between managing your products, services, your place of business, clients, and other essential business functions.

why does my code work

Aesthetics, meaning design and user flow, may seem like an easy task to design, but it is not. Sure, you can put up a website. You have plenty of options like WordPress that make it easy to install it, set up a blog or a site, add pages, and then, slap a free or paid theme on it.

But what happens when you don’t have images that are the right size? Or you need to tweak the font or modify the design of that theme?

You might think that using free or cheap software is the way to go but like anything that you want to look clean and professional, it is best to hire a qualified web developer ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do You Want Drones Or Happy Employees In Your Company?

As businesses get bigger, and corporations become, well, more like corporations, it seems like all the fun is squeezed out of such businesses. For instance, there are consultants who can come into your business and monitor how “efficient” the employees are at their jobs. They monitor how an employee is using their time, what their output is, how much time they are spending on various activities such as emailing and how much time is being spent on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

The truth is, if you squeeze every drop of fun out of work, then productivity will, no doubt, drop. After all, employees are humans and humans aren’t machines or computers or robots.

hate work

As humans, we are meant to have a little bit of downtime in between work, especially computer work. Think about it this way: computers are the one thing that are very unnatural for humans, meaning due to computer work, employees have to sit in their chairs for hours on end. Just thinking about it makes my spine hurt.

So what can be done? It’s okay for your employees not to be “efficient” the whole time. Truth is, a few minutes of interactions, breaks, and downtime will lead to creativity and relaxation. A somewhat easy going environment also breeds happiness and loyalty among employees. In fact, good businesses dedicate trip days or even have functions for the workplace. Gyms are a common workplace in most work places in the UK and the US as well now.

In fact, there are specific entertainers that do this kind of work just for the corporate world. You can hire crystal ball jugglers, fire performers, glow performers, and magicians from

If you want dedicate employees and amazing output in the long run, treat your workforce well and keep them happy. Some corporations also supply simple snacks and drinks like fruit, teas, and coffees!

No SEO? Well, Say Bye-Bye To 10-20 New Customers… Per MONTH

Allow us to explain…

Unfortunately, search engine optimization has become a term that everyone and their nephews tosses around like dirty, old, spare pennies!

Let’s step back a bit.

What IS SEO?!

SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. Let’s break these fancy terms down a bit. A search engine is anything like Bing and Yahoo (even Facebook and Youtube) that you use to search whatever you need. Optimization is simply optimizing a web page or a web site for the search engines so it has a higher chance of being found.

For instance, if you are a search engine optimisation company in Bournemouth, then you would want people to find your website for terms like “SEO Bournemouth”.

The problem with SEO is that like the topic of weight loss, everyone thinks they know what they’re doing. Business owners think they can launch profit generating social media campaigns along with knowing everything about SEO and ranking their websites. You also have overseas marketers that are looking for easy targets and offering ridiculously amazing results for next to nothing.

Would you buy a Lexus if someone was selling you a brand new one for $2k? Hell no! Because you would KNOW the value of a Lexus (I hope!)

Would you get a root canal from someone who is offering it for a $100? No! Because you’d know it was a scam.

So why would you purchase services from an SEO claiming to provide you with amazing results for $300?

SEO has become a dirty word in our business. Too many people have abused the term and the work is by no means easy. Nothing is worse than clients who KNOW they need your services but are extremely hesitant due to the fact that they’ve been conned by marketers overseas…. without any refunds or results.

How do you know you need online marketing services? Well, just like any other marketing avenue, online marketingis a great friend to have on your side. Imagine how many people look up services and products online. If they can’t find your website, then there goes a whole new set of customers!

At the end of the day, you know whether you need such services or not… but, just know this:

top of google

Why Proper Citations Are A MUST For Offline Marketing

With so much information about ranking offline, local businesses, it can be hard to keep one’s head straight. The one main and necessary factor to keep in mind is that Google has never revealed all of its cards. With so many factors coming into play in the ranking algorithm, however, there is one golden rule to follow when it comes to ranking a local business: properly submitting citations!

How To Fill Out Citations Correctly To Rank ASAP

Again, please keep in mind that this pertains to ranking a business website locally for their geographical location. For any such business, it is essential that you find out whether your client has filled and submitted any citations online. If they have, you need to make sure they have followed consistency with their “NAP” (NAP = name, address, phone number).

If you will be the one filling out the citations, remember to be consistent yourself. For every citation you fill out, the name of the business, the address, and the phone number information must be consistent!

For instance, if you submit a citation with this phone number: (555)555-5555, then make the rest of the phone number entries the same! Do not follow up with 555-555-5555.

Every tiny detail here counts.

The same rules must be followed when filling out address for a local business. Do not submit “Suite #101” and then “Suite 101”. This kind of care may seem unnecessary but as a marketer, I have had to correct so many citations, it’s ridiculous.

Why Do Citations Matter?!

With local businesses and ranking their websites for the services they offer, citations build a great deal of trust in the “eyes of Google” and other search engines. Think about it: when dozens of trustworthy directories and sites are displaying all the same consistent information regarding a local business geographically AND pointing to the correct website, there is no confusion about location! Geographical locations plays a major role in rankings and doing this increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google and Bing for services HIGH.

Which Sites DO I Submit Citations TO?

My first round of citations is always my top twenty general citation sites. Without getting too technical, any site or directory that asks for website information like NAP and more? Consider it a citation!

My top three sites for citations are Facebook (Business Page!), Google, and Yelp. For practice, get these started. Once you fill these three out, you can enter the data in a consistent manner for the rest of them.


Alrighty then! Now that you now all about geographical influence on the local ranking algorithm, if you decide to add videos to your online package, excellent! If you are using Youtube for your client’s videos to be viewed, make sure you input the geographical location when filling out the fields.

I bet you didn’t know that, now did you?

I have found that there are no “Secrets” in the SEO and ranking world; you just need to make sure you do careful, detailed, and consistent work. Now, keep it rollin’, Buster!

Transhumanism: Now You Can Insert LEDs Into Your Hands!

Okay, so if the idea of merging chips, robotics, and humans (think Terminator long term) makes you shudder, then you may not want to read this article or view the image we are about to show here:

Known as the โ€œNorthstar V1โ€ chip, this chip is the size of a large coin (very large…) and has been implanted on the back of hands of three people. The chip was developed by Grindhouse Wetware which is composed of programmers, engineers and enthusiasts.

What are the long term implications of this experiment? Are the test subjects vulnerable to any infections?

What if an object hits them in that spot? Ouch!