Fast Technological Advances In The Legal Marijuana Industry

weed delivery

With the development of the legalization of medicinal marijuana, it should come as no surprise that the technological advances within the industry are coming just as fast. Remember the perception that marijuana users are just druggies, lazy, “potheads”, and just waste away their lives? What a difference a few years can make. The perception of the marijuana user is changing. Studies show that marijuana can be used for a myriad of treatments, to help with illnesses.

Despite the changing perceptions, some patients who use medicinal marijuana may want to keep their privacy intact. Now, there are full blown applications that you can use, on your iPhones or Androids, to have your prescription delivered to your store. Who would have imagined such conveniences and advancements a decade ago? Following are just a handful of apps that serve a major purpose for medicinal marijuana users:

1. Meadow:

Download Meadow and start using right away to buy medical marijuana from local dispensaries in California. Not only that, you will receive your delivery within the hour. How cool is that? One San Diego marijuana delivery dispensary that is using Meadow is A Green Alternative and is doing so very successfully. The process is extremely easy and you can easily learn more about it from their website.

2. Uber & WeedMaps:

Put these two giants together and what do you get? Ridiculousness, of course! With Uber being everywhere and WeedMaps being an industry in the industry, this partnership makes too much sense. Local Dispensaries + WeedMaps (where users review local dispensaries) = Convenient For Patients!

3. Green Rush:

Scan your driver’s license and wait to be verified as a customer (which is usually a quick process!) Within half an hour, you should be able to order from local dispensaries. Like Meadow, Green Rush aims to make the whole process extremely easy for medical marijuana users and is very easy to use.

4. Flow Kana:

Flow Kana is a little bit different than the rest of the above mentioned apps. Think about them as the responsibly grown, sustainable, small farmer grown cannabis provider. With delivery options available in Northern California, Flow Kana is a great option if you care about the environment and want to support small farmers.

5. Grassp:

Simply put, from their website, Grassp is “medical cannabis delivered on-demand.” Short, to the point, and quick. Simply go through the digital verification process and have it delivered ASAP. Your data is kept safe behind secure HIPAA compliant servers.

If all of these applications sound confusing, don’t let that be a factor in delaying your decision to download one of these and try them. While all of these apps are design with the user in mind, truthfully, ever user is different and you might really love one or hate one that someone really likes. These apps take the concept of medical marijuana to a whole different level.