Why Proper Citations Are A MUST For Offline Marketing

With so much information about ranking offline, local businesses, it can be hard to keep one’s head straight. The one main and necessary factor to keep in mind is that Google has never revealed all of its cards. With so many factors coming into play in the ranking algorithm, however, there is one golden rule to follow when it comes to ranking a local business: properly submitting citations!

How To Fill Out Citations Correctly To Rank ASAP

Again, please keep in mind that this pertains to ranking a business website locally for their geographical location. For any such business, it is essential that you find out whether your client has filled and submitted any citations online. If they have, you need to make sure they have followed consistency with their “NAP” (NAP = name, address, phone number).

If you will be the one filling out the citations, remember to be consistent yourself. For every citation you fill out, the name of the business, the address, and the phone number information must be consistent!

For instance, if you submit a citation with this phone number: (555)555-5555, then make the rest of the phone number entries the same! Do not follow up with 555-555-5555.

Every tiny detail here counts.

The same rules must be followed when filling out address for a local business. Do not submit “Suite #101” and then “Suite 101”. This kind of care may seem unnecessary but as a marketer, I have had to correct so many citations, it’s ridiculous.

Why Do Citations Matter?!

With local businesses and ranking their websites for the services they offer, citations build a great deal of trust in the “eyes of Google” and other search engines. Think about it: when dozens of trustworthy directories and sites are displaying all the same consistent information regarding a local business geographically AND pointing to the correct website, there is no confusion about location! Geographical locations plays a major role in rankings and doing this increases your chances of ranking on the first page of Google and Bing for services HIGH.

Which Sites DO I Submit Citations TO?

My first round of citations is always my top twenty general citation sites. Without getting too technical, any site or directory that asks for website information like NAP and more? Consider it a citation!

My top three sites for citations are Facebook (Business Page!), Google, and Yelp. For practice, get these started. Once you fill these three out, you can enter the data in a consistent manner for the rest of them.


Alrighty then! Now that you now all about geographical influence on the local ranking algorithm, if you decide to add videos to your online package, excellent! If you are using Youtube for your client’s videos to be viewed, make sure you input the geographical location when filling out the fields.

I bet you didn’t know that, now did you?

I have found that there are no “Secrets” in the SEO and ranking world; you just need to make sure you do careful, detailed, and consistent work. Now, keep it rollin’, Buster!