How Website Localization Is 100% Important Today

Whether you are offering extremely technical services such as web design or search engine optimization to help your client’s business get found on the internet, it is important that you design your own site and rank it properly. Of course, we also recommend gathering some testimonials and reviews for that added, personal “push”.

The first reason having your own site done well and ranked is the obvious: why should a potential client hire you if you can’t demonstrate the same set of skills for your own business? It is one of those catch 22s that can be hard as a business owner because this set of skills can cost money and tools as well as precious time to get things rolling.

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While you are waiting for SEO to kick in, you can go ahead and create some sweet, clean websites for friends or small business owners in exchange for a 50% discount and a solid review. Imagine doing this for five friends or more and having a collection of testimonials to boast. Even if you can’t show your site ranking for keyphrases, yet, you can always show glowing reviews of what you have accomplished for other folks.

Of course, this is a slick, neat idea. While your goal should be to rank for keyphrases that get quite a few searches per month, you can in much less time, rank for easier keyphrases and probably quite a few of them. In this way, your own website becomes an SEO case study.

Now, if you are offering services all over the globe or even in another country, you may want to consider a company that not only offers localization for international SEO and website design, but much more. How terrible does it look when a website you land on contains broken English or another language? Right! It is not professional and most people will turn away from doing business with that company.

Kayaking “Fabric” Technology Allows For Inflatable Options!

Okay, so you obviously know of kayaking but did you know, due to the technology in so-called “fabric”, now you can purchase such a thing as an inflatable kayak? In fact, these have been on the market for YEARS.

While searching for inflatable kayak reviews, I came across some jaw dropping options. For instance, if you’re not an avid kayaker, you can drop around $150 and get a cheap inflatable option; if you’re an avid fisher, you can go for a fishing kayak. Heck, you can go for a tandem kayak or something really tough and durable like the AHTK kayaks!

Sure, you could drop a few hundred or grand on a hard shelled option but what if you live in a tight spot? Do you have storage room? Furthermore, you gotta think about how you’ll transport it for fun times.

If you are a beginner and curious about kayaking, give the inflatable options a shot. Once you’re comfortable, you can always upgrade to a better option.

And no, these babies, due to modern technology, are made with durable materials. Extremely durable fabric. Some are designed to be used in calm waters while others can be used in tougher conditions.

Make sure you spend time reading reviews in details so you can buy the most perfect option. In fact, if you live in an apartment and space is a concern, these inflatable kayaks can be inflated within 10 minutes and deflated the same way. These things are so durable that even after decent scratches, these things can last a long time, meaning they don’t pop and are quite the safe option. In fact, you can check out your options according to how much weight they can take and how much room there is in one of these. In fact, check out this option:

AHTK 1 Airhead Montana Inflatable Kayak

As aesthetically pleasing as some of these look, make sure you review every aspect before purchasing one. Better yet, if a friend has one, test drive it! Or perhaps you’ve heard of the beastly new “folding kayak” called the Oru… 😉

Do You Want Drones Or Happy Employees In Your Company?

As businesses get bigger, and corporations become, well, more like corporations, it seems like all the fun is squeezed out of such businesses. For instance, there are consultants who can come into your business and monitor how “efficient” the employees are at their jobs. They monitor how an employee is using their time, what their output is, how much time they are spending on various activities such as emailing and how much time is being spent on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

The truth is, if you squeeze every drop of fun out of work, then productivity will, no doubt, drop. After all, employees are humans and humans aren’t machines or computers or robots.

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As humans, we are meant to have a little bit of downtime in between work, especially computer work. Think about it this way: computers are the one thing that are very unnatural for humans, meaning due to computer work, employees have to sit in their chairs for hours on end. Just thinking about it makes my spine hurt.

So what can be done? It’s okay for your employees not to be “efficient” the whole time. Truth is, a few minutes of interactions, breaks, and downtime will lead to creativity and relaxation. A somewhat easy going environment also breeds happiness and loyalty among employees. In fact, good businesses dedicate trip days or even have functions for the workplace. Gyms are a common workplace in most work places in the UK and the US as well now.

In fact, there are specific entertainers that do this kind of work just for the corporate world. You can hire crystal ball jugglers, fire performers, glow performers, and magicians from

If you want dedicate employees and amazing output in the long run, treat your workforce well and keep them happy. Some corporations also supply simple snacks and drinks like fruit, teas, and coffees!