How Website Localization Is 100% Important Today

Whether you are offering extremely technical services such as web design or search engine optimization to help your client’s business get found on the internet, it is important that you design your own site and rank it properly. Of course, we also recommend gathering some testimonials and reviews for that added, personal “push”.

The first reason having your own site done well and ranked is the obvious: why should a potential client hire you if you can’t demonstrate the same set of skills for your own business? It is one of those catch 22s that can be hard as a business owner because this set of skills can cost money and tools as well as precious time to get things rolling.

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While you are waiting for SEO to kick in, you can go ahead and create some sweet, clean websites for friends or small business owners in exchange for a 50% discount and a solid review. Imagine doing this for five friends or more and having a collection of testimonials to boast. Even if you can’t show your site ranking for keyphrases, yet, you can always show glowing reviews of what you have accomplished for other folks.

Of course, this is a slick, neat idea. While your goal should be to rank for keyphrases that get quite a few searches per month, you can in much less time, rank for easier keyphrases and probably quite a few of them. In this way, your own website becomes an SEO case study.

Now, if you are offering services all over the globe or even in another country, you may want to consider a company that not only offers localization for international SEO and website design, but much more. How terrible does it look when a website you land on contains broken English or another language? Right! It is not professional and most people will turn away from doing business with that company.

Making Sure Your Website Is Easy To Use

When non-web designers think of setting up a site, 99% don’t think about the “ease to use” factor of the site. When visitors land on your website, you want to establish a flow of things. The content and buttons and everything on your site should have a purpose, leading the visitor from one piece to another, like cookie samplers leading to the register.

What you don’t want to happen is for the visitor to see a chaotic, hectic website and back out of it and end up on your visitors site!


Believe it or not, content and aesthetics both play an equal part. The first thing you need to do is consult a professional web development team or like this amazing Chicago website designer. Why? Web developers create websites professionally for a living.

This means they eat, breath, and sleep web development. They are up on various trends, web development languages, and much, much more. They keep up with their profession by reading magazines and publications!

A regular business owner will never have the time to keep up with updates to HTML, CSS, WordPress, Drupal, Photoshop, and other developments. It is ridiculous to think that’s possible to do in between managing your products, services, your place of business, clients, and other essential business functions.

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Aesthetics, meaning design and user flow, may seem like an easy task to design, but it is not. Sure, you can put up a website. You have plenty of options like WordPress that make it easy to install it, set up a blog or a site, add pages, and then, slap a free or paid theme on it.

But what happens when you don’t have images that are the right size? Or you need to tweak the font or modify the design of that theme?

You might think that using free or cheap software is the way to go but like anything that you want to look clean and professional, it is best to hire a qualified web developer 😉