How Website Localization Is 100% Important Today

Whether you are offering extremely technical services such as web design or search engine optimization to help your client’s business get found on the internet, it is important that you design your own site and rank it properly. Of course, we also recommend gathering some testimonials and reviews for that added, personal “push”.

The first reason having your own site done well and ranked is the obvious: why should a potential client hire you if you can’t demonstrate the same set of skills for your own business? It is one of those catch 22s that can be hard as a business owner because this set of skills can cost money and tools as well as precious time to get things rolling.

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While you are waiting for SEO to kick in, you can go ahead and create some sweet, clean websites for friends or small business owners in exchange for a 50% discount and a solid review. Imagine doing this for five friends or more and having a collection of testimonials to boast. Even if you can’t show your site ranking for keyphrases, yet, you can always show glowing reviews of what you have accomplished for other folks.

Of course, this is a slick, neat idea. While your goal should be to rank for keyphrases that get quite a few searches per month, you can in much less time, rank for easier keyphrases and probably quite a few of them. In this way, your own website becomes an SEO case study.

Now, if you are offering services all over the globe or even in another country, you may want to consider a company that not only offers localization for international SEO and website design, but much more. How terrible does it look when a website you land on contains broken English or another language? Right! It is not professional and most people will turn away from doing business with that company.

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