The Domination Of Google

Talk about all the cool apps either Google has created or now owns. Google was once synonymous with its search engine; however, today, the company itself is worth a ridiculous amount that would seem unbelievable quoting, so why bother?

In the late 90s, I remember when Google was in its infancy. A lot of the people in the space were excited by what Google could do and as the founders released information on the algorithm behind how websites are ranked in Google, people became extremely excited. Heck, people seemed to be flocking to it daily, while leaving Netscape, Internet Explorer, Ask Jeeves, and so many more in the dust.

Over The Years…

While starting off Google’s algorithm for rankings sites was pretty crude (and still can be manipulated if you have the proper resources), it has come a long way. About three or four years ago, ranking websites was extremely easy. Now? Easy if you know what you are doing. Easy if you have a little bit of patience and you build the right and effective resources. But Google is smart.

Look at how they have dominated with email and Blogger. Look at how they’ve acquired Youtube. Once you go through the, look at all the apps that are available to you. I remember the days of signing up for Blogspot (now Blogger as well) and before I knew, a merger happened.

Blogspot has a ridiculous userbase as well. By that, meaning millions of blogs exist. With easy integration of Youtube videos, Google has made the value of each property extremely valuable and so when you have strong links coming from these properties to your site, it looks extremely good… and can help you rank.

At this point, Yahoo and Yahoo Mail seem extremely irrelevant but that might because I am more involved in the tech space. Yahoo News is still going strong and I understand that people like my mom, more like casual non-tech involved users, love using Yahoo and Bing. My mom still have a Yahoo mail account and close friends know that I hold a Yahoo email account from my teens still dear to me.

You want to understand what a giant Google has become? The right answer is: Google is massive. Google is everywhere. To go from nothing to this? Google has $59.38 billion in the bank, generating $15.42 billion in Quarter 1… and that was in 2014!!!


Wake Up & Take A Gamble!

To get anywhere, you have to predict where technology is going. For example, Microsoft, for so long, dominated with its expensive applications such as MS Excel and MS Word. Hundreds of dollars. I remember buying the “student edition” for cheaper (still expensive as a student!)

But what did Google do?

Google disrupted the whole scene with The Google Doc (short for documents) which included an excel like application and a word/text application. Not only that, they made it available online under your account so you could share your documents with friends or co-workers or whoever you need to. You can share it with others and give them the choice to collaborate or edit as needed.

Be smart. Be like Google. Disrupt the scene!

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