The Foundation Of SEO

With the boom of SEO industry over the last few years, it can be hard to distinguish and hire professionals who know what they are talking about. As a client, there are certain things you should know yourself about SEO so that when you are ready to hire someone, you can ask these questions and see if the so-called professional has good knowledge.

Does On-Site SEO Still Matter?

Online marketers can waste so much time debating the tedious little factors that, to be honest, should be commonplace practices like on-site SEO. On-site SEO refers to optimization done to the website itself to affect rankings in the search engines.

For instance, meta-tags. Meta tags let the search engines know what the website is about. In recent years, some marketers think this is unnecessary. However, my question is: why not take care of meta tags when it only takes less than 10 minutes (if that) to fill out this information? What is the harm in taking care of this?

Another on-site factor that needs careful consideration is how much content is published. Some companies become lazy and don’t update their websites or will have minimum content. Of course, with some tricks and a budget, such websites can rank but why cut corners? Content is great for visitors when they land on your website. This can make or break conversions! Also, they more content you write, relevant content, the search engines can calculate what your website is about. For example, if your website is about video games and you add one new review a week, Google and Bing will use their algorithm to analyze the data on your site and figure out, “hey, this website is about video games and video game reviews…” (Please realize this is in layman’s terms; algorithms these days are quite sophisticated!)

Also, keep a balance when creating content for your website. Avoid keyword or keyphrase stuffing. This means do not use keywords or keyphrases you are trying to rank for unnecessarily and repetitively. Where it makes sense, go ahead and use them. As an SEO consultant sunshine coast, I preach this day in and day out!

This brings us to the good ol’ “use keywords in h1 tags” rule that a lot of us know about. The idea is to use your keywords in the h1 tags and it should help you rank in Google. However, these days, this is just a given. It only helps to do this. However, again, do this where it makes sense to; do not abuse this or you may be faced with a harsh Google penalty.

the process of seo

These “simple” factors are something most of the SEO community gets wrong or takes for granted. For us, the foundation needs to be cemented before we can build on top of it. How can one expect a strong structure if the base is tainted and not strong enough to carry everything else?

It can be very tedious to do SEO but when done right, the results can be epic. You can expect to rank for multiple keyphrases. You won’t only have visitors to your site but you will also have conversions leading to customers either buying your products or calling you for an appointment.

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